If It’s All About Saving Lives Did WalMart, Democrats or Lefty Fake Newzers Thank Armed Citizens who Stopped Mass Killers?

In a word not only “no”, but in many cases such civilians are ignored, condemned or straight up lied about by those who are not interested in saving lives. But they make any excuse to “virtue signal” for a Democratic Party aligned press corps.

Walmart has had no less than two mass shootings stopped by armed civilian customers; in Washington State and just last month in Springfield Missouri. In the most recent case a heavily armed man walked into a Walmart, obviously looking for trouble, where he was engaged instantly by an armed fireman. The suspect surrendered and no shots were fired. Walmart’s reaction was to ban open carry in its stores, stop the sales of certain types of ammunition, and to call for another failed ban on certain semi-automatic rifles. No mention of the heroes who saved lives.

NOTE: Open carry is legal in 46 states. Although this may seem odd to those on the coasts, in most of the country it is rather commonplace and treated as such.

There have been plenty of would be mass shootings stopped by armed civilians (Link 1Link 2Link 3).

a human right gon control protects rapists

It is time to go on the offense.

Mr. Social Justice Warrior “Journalist”, when mass shootings or other crimes are stopped by those NRA types you like to smear, do you report their names with the same celebrity treatment you give the perpetrators? Why do I have to go to National Review just to see their names? If saving lives is the goal as you claim, why treat those who put themselves in harms way to save lives so poorly? No one trusts you.

Mr. Politician, you claim to want to save lives, so show me your bill banning so called “Gun Free Zones.” Statistically almost all mass violence happens in such zones. History shows us that no honest case can be made that “Gun Free Zones” actually make people safer.

I am calling out the “virtue signallers”. Savings lives is NOT your top priority. Rather, your toxic, utopian, far left ideology is like Mao, Stalin, Chavez, and Xi. If some innocents have to die in order to implement your “planned society”, it is a “price” that leftists have been willing to pay throughout history. All one has to do is turn on the news to see that exploiting innocent victims gives progressive secular leftists no pause, whatsoever.

The latest proof is that far left “virtue signallers” have kicked the notion of saving lives to the curb, in order to take guns from 180 million gun owners who have never harmed anyone. Their mantra has become  – “stop scapegoating mental illness.” This latest talking point is so dishonest and cold hearted it is well,… chilling.

Jared Loughner was severely mentally ill and had multiple contacts with law enforcement before he went on his killing spree. Authorities dropped the ball on getting him committed and/or treated. The same can be said about Nicolas Cruz, who committed the largest school shooting in history. Police knew he was mentally ill, knew he was making threats and failed to act.

Adam Lanza who killed the children at Sandy Hook and his own mother, was severely mentally ill. His mother was trying to have him committed, but had resorted to looking for an out of state facility because Democrats and the ACLU worked to stop IOT (Involuntary Outpatient Treatment) laws requiring short term holding for certain mental evaluations in Connecticut. the ACLU has even argued that people have the right to be mentally ill. Pure, cruel idiocy.

The list of those with untreated severe mental illness engaging in violence is so long it would take books to cover it. Denying the link between severe mental illness and violence is like denying the link between militant Islam and violence, wait… the “virtue signallers” do that too!

Democrats and Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) “virtue signal” because they want you to believe in their moral and intellectual superiority as much as they do. Leftism in all its flavors has always told the masses that if they just surrender their liberty, power and money to “our moral betters” (themselves) that they can plan a near perfect society. If they only had enough control. History shows us just what they do with that control. They slaughter their political opponents. Democrats continue to praise countries like Venezuela and China, as “enlightened”. But these “enlightened” countries are murdering their political opposition as you read this column. It is difficult to do here, as our population is a well-armed gun culture, filled with military veterans.

Democrats and the elite media “virtue signallers” cannot make their “utopia” without first making good people defenseless. They put their radical ideology over the rights and lives of the innocent, which is pure evil. It’s time we recognize it and treated them as such.

Sure, We Know 25% of Homicides Occur in Four Cities We Run, But Don’t Tell Anyone or You’re Racist!

shout-racist lolYou read that correctly, in fact if you tune in to CNN or NBC or read much of anything from the Washington Press Corps this week, that is pretty much all you could get from them….and why? Because the member of Congress who has represented Baltimore for decades happens to be black. Are you buying it? No one else with a double digit IQ (or better) is buying it either.

Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Washington D.C. are responsible for 25% of all the homicides in the United States. In Baltimore’s 309 homicides last year, 175 were fatal head shots.

In the campaign, President Trump said that he was going to do something about the mess that is the inner cities. Trump has been delivering. He put in place new regulations to help investment in troubled areas, he is raising $100 billion to privately invest in the inner cities, and President Trump’s new “First Step” program is releasing thousands of black inmates who were incarcerated for absurdly long sentences for minor, non violent offences, most of which were small amounts of drugs for personal use.

Trump has now stepped up to the next major problem in the inner cities, the corruption where billions of federal, State and local tax dollars are spent, the people have little to show for it, but Democrats in local government are somehow managing to get rich.

Here is President Trump telling it like it is. This is what the elite media is screaming “RACIST” about:

President Obama sent $1.8 billion to Baltimore and President Trump signed a bill giving Baltimore $15.7 billion. Where did the money go?

Baltimore has 17,000 vacant buildings. Of 13 Baltimore high schools ZERO studentscould pass the basic math proficiency exam.

The Democrat controlled local unions who are supposed to be doing trash pickup are billing the city for unworked overtime while trash in impoverished neighborhoods goes untouched…..which of course leads us to the rat problem.

Baltimore is so rat infested that PBS even did a documentary on it.

Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said on video that parts of East Baltimore are “sh*t that should be took down.” “You can “smell the rats”:

Democrat Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders said that Baltimore “looks like a third world country”:

Re. Elijah Cummings himself called Baltimore a “drug infested area”

But now Cummings has changed his tune…

Of course, famed shake down artistcon-man, tax-evader, and antisemite Al Sharpton had to weigh in. By denying the problem in Baltimore, Sharpton as usual, throws inner-city blacks under the bus.

They didn’t stop there. Democrats and their pals in the elite media are blaming Baltimore’s problems on Jared Kushner, the President’s son in law who happens to be Jewish (no stereotyping here folks…). They are calling Kushner a Baltimore slumlord. Here is a dishonest hit piece buy USA Today claiming that some of the apartment buildings Kushner owns have mice.


Jared Kushner

What the hit pieces and bogus media reports aren’t telling you is that Kushner is taking part in a federal government program where private investors buy distressed housing in Baltimore and revitalize the buildings over time. The rebuilding project is massive, involving thousands of apartments and will take years to complete. In short, the Kushner and Trump investments into low income housing are not the problem in Baltimore, they are a part of the solution. Successful Kushner and Trump organizations do not have to invest in low income housing at all. They made a choice to help people and the Democrats are slandering them for it.

The previous two mayors of Baltimore have resigned due to corruption charges and two police commissioners were sent to federal prison. Previous Mayors of Baltimore include House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s father and brother. What a big rich happy family these Democrats have become.

In spite of the evidence linked above, you don’t just have to take my word for it. Countless videos from people who either have lived in or do live in Baltimore are putting up YouTube videos verifying President Trump’s comments. Jericho Green pulls no punches in the video below. Watch and see for yourself:

Democrats Jump the Shark on Immigration, Incite ANTIFA Attack on Immigration Facility

A member of the far left terrorist group ANTIFA attacked an immigration facility with explosive devices in Tacoma, Washington.

The ANTIFA member who was killed during the attack said he was fighting “against the forces of evil” and said he could no longer stand by as the government rounded up immigrants and placed them in “concentration camps.”

Concentration Camps? How could anyone get such a crazy idea? Here is a clue:

The Democrats featured in the video above are the tip of the spear of the Democratic Party. They get more social media and elite media attention than any other Democrat by far. When they use language like “fascist” and “concentration camp” we all know the kind of unspeakable evil those words represent, by default violence is justified against such an evil. No reasonable argument can be made that such language, used by Democrats, is anything other than a call for political violence as made evident by their lack of condemnation.

Their defense is always the same. Anyone who critiques them is automatically branded a “racist” and a part of the evil that they are inciting violence against. CNN and other elite media can always be counted on to go along with it but polls and focus groups show that the voters are wise to it.

Democrat after Democrat has piled on to this phony political theatre. Here is just a small sample of how former ICE Director Thomas Homan was treated in a congressional hearing just last week:

These same Democrats who are calling border facilities fascist concentration camps are the same Democrats who voted against funding to improve the facilities there. Democrats are exploiting the masses coming across the border and yet the tip of the spear of the Democratic Party voted against any new aid to help them. Is it possible to be any more phony? By labeling our Border Patrol and immigration authorities “Nazi’s”, many such officers are Black and Latino, by Democrat standards of rhetoric their own behavior is overtly racist.

Here is Senator Josh Hawley’s brilliant summary of the border crisis, which Democrats claimed just weeks ago that Trump was making it all up:

Senator Lindsey Graham (R- S.C.) reports that people from 60 different countries, including Iran and Syria, are being apprehended at the border which is an intolerable national security risk.

A loophole in our laws say that if an illegal alien presents himself with a child then we cannot hold them for more than 20 days because the courts (Flores v. Reno 1997) have said that children cannot be held in adult jails with their parents for more than 20 days. So the choices are to violate the court order and lock children in adult prisons or to just let them go into the US population until such a time that they can have a hearing and then said illegal alien does not show up for court.

As a result the cartels are “renting children” to illegal border crossers for up to $8,000 a trip. They come over with a rented child, claim they are related and when released the child is taken back south of the border by the cartels.

The human traffickers and cartels do not care about these children, allowing dozens to die every month trying to cross the border. Also, up to 80% of minor girls apprehended at the border have been sexually assaulted. Democrats in Congress simply refuse to close the loopholes and fix the system. They just don’t care. After all, it is mostly just brown people who are suffering at the hands of the cartels… Right, Democrats?

The Democratic Party has become the party of open borders and free health care for anyone in the world who can make it here. I know Americans who cannot even get health care because government has made it unaffordable. Turning Point USA reports that refugees get $2,125 a month in benefits but our elderly and disabled get $1,400 a month on average. By inviting the world in to get free benefits Democrats have thrown the most vulnerable of Americans under the bus.

Their position is clear. They just don’t care about US citizens. For Democrats, it’s always “Illegals first.”