How Obamacare Will Turn The “Medicare Advantage” Program Into Your Worst Nightmare

A personal account of one woman’s Obamacare nightmare

I received this from one of my listeners and I just had to share it with you. – Lori

Medicare payments are taken from your paychecks during your time of employment, for me that was 45 years.  It is touted as a prepaid insurance for your old age.  There is one problem with that, it is neither prepaid or an insurance policy that grows interest or pays for all of your care when you need it the most.

I have been retired for 13 years now, I am 68 years old.  I paid into this program all of my life.   The first 8 years of my retirement I still had medical insurance through my employer, it was part of my retirement package upon employment.  They followed through with their promise.  5 years ago however I became partially disabled as a result of Rheumatoid Arthritis which made me eligible for Medicare.

Upon using it at first in conjunction with my employer provided insurance I had no problems, but 3 years ago I became eligible for SS and Medicare and at that point my employee provided insurance stopped.  This is when the problems started.

In 3 years I have had 4 different doctors, until finally I joined a small co-opt in the area that has their own Medicare Advantage program.  I have been with them for two years.   The three doctors before them refused to take Medicare because of the amount of overhead involved with billing them (4 and 5 requests for payment), and then they only get about 1/3 of the amount billed.  Most doctors are losing money at that point.

So here is the truth, regular Medicare cost me in addition to what I put in through payroll deductions another 135.00 per month now.  It only pays 80% of hospital bills, but that doesn’t start until you have been hospitalized for 3 days.  The first three days cost you out of pocket $276.00 per day.  It doesn’t pay for any of the prescriptions I need, allergy in particular and pain medication for the RA.

Since doctors were notified of the amounts being taken from Medicare to cover Obama Care, they have reduced the services made available to Medicare patients.  I have not had a mammogram in 3 years, nor a bone scan, both of which are important at my age, nor are they being offered as part of my care.  What is being offered when I visit my doctor is some counseling about the pain I am experiencing from the RA, regarding exercise etc., and an appointment is needed to refill what medications I do take.  I have been taking them for 18 years now.  You would think I could get them without seeing the doctors.   Doctors are now afraid to prescribe medications without seeing you for fear of being reprimanded and fined by the government.  It is a nightmare for those of us who don’t get around as easily as we once did.

If Medicare Advantage is cancelled, and apparently that is the plan to save the 700 billion, I will once again be left without a doctor.  The one I have doesn’t take plain Medicare without their HMO insurance as well.

Sandra H.
Spanaway, Washington  

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