The orchestrated rage about guns isn’t about safety. So what is it about?

The orchestrated rage about guns isn’t about safety, it is about leftist politics: Disarming honest citizens.

If the left was really concerned about keeping children safe, they would be talking about a million abortions every year. If the left was really concerned about gun violence, they would be calling for a ban on handguns as the number of people killed with other types of weapons in the United States is statistically almost insignificant when compared to deaths via handgun.

shootings in the US 2010
(Note: these numbers include justifiable homicides by civilians and police as well as gang shootings. FBI Uniform Crime Report/The Blaze)

So why is the left not calling for a ban on all handguns? The answer is threefold. First, it is not politically attainable. Second, semi-automatic rifles ( “assault weapons”) give the general population the ability to defend itself against tyranny and for the left this is simply unacceptable. Lastly, the school shooting in Connecticut, by a paranoid schizophrenic, has given the left an excuse for demonizing political enemies such as the NRA, and most gun owners.The left is shamelessly dancing on the graves of the children to advance a political agenda that they had long before Adam Lanza went on his schizophrenia- induced rampage.

You don’t see the media and the White House dragging the ACLU in for a meeting on why they have opposed mandatory treatment for dangerous schizophrenics or how their interpretation of the First Amendment has led to a slew of violent Hollywood movies and television shows? Why? They know who their campaign contributors are.The same Hollywood celebs calling for your guns to be taken away are the same ones who appear in the most violent films: Nothing serious about mental health came out of the “Biden Commission” and this is no surprise as their focus was purely political.

[Editor’s Note: We at the staff of Red, White, and Lori want to be clear, we are NOT calling for a ban on handguns, we are merely pointing out the obvious; that IF the left believes that gun bans reduce crime and really do make things better for the “greater good” than the obvious guns to ban would be handguns.]

The left hopes to demonize semi-automatic rifles by falsely portraying them as machine guns, which of course they are not. They shoot one bullet with each pull of the trigger just like every repeating gun made since the Colt .45 was introduced in in 1911. And in spite of idiotic grandstanding by former General Stan McChrystal about how the AR-15 “shoots a .223 bullet at 3,000 feet per second” the simple truth is that the .223 round was designed for varmint hunting and is essentially an amped up .22 that is designed for low penetration and minimal tissue damage. Such a bullet is ideal for wounding the enemy without killing him (as it takes two men to get a wounded man off a battlefield). This is also why the AR-15 type rifle is so popular with women and people of smaller stature as it is light weight, medium powered and has low recoil.

When a 15 year old Texas boy used his father’s AR-15 to stop multiple assailants who were breaking into his home he shot one of the intruders several times, but he was still able to drive himself to the hospital (Note: the child might not have been able to fend off multiple assailants if limited to ten rounds). The bullet that the AR-15 uses is considered to be too low powered for deer hunting and pales in muzzle energy when compared to the .30-06 round the military used in WWI and WWII.

30 06 vs 223
The .30-06 Springfield (left) and the .223 Remington (5.56 mm NATO)

In the following video you can see Jesse Duff demonstrate the capabilities of the “dreaded” AR-15, the 30-06, the 12 gauge shotgun, 100 year old 9mm and .45 Colt handguns; all of which fire a larger round than the AR-15:

The left rarely wants to talk about crime statistics and gun bans, and engage in gross dishonestly by leaving out fundamental truths about the history of guns and crime.

For example, if guns cause crime than why is Switzerland almost crime free? The Swiss have a gun culture that makes the Unites States appear almost Mennonite by comparison. According to the Swiss Small Arms Survey the United States has more guns in civilian hands than any country in the world, but only ranks 28th when it comes to gun violence.

CNN’s Piers Morgan likes to talk about the relatively low rates of gun violence in England, but what he doesn’t say is that England had relatively low gun violence since long before they banned guns. Morgan also fails to mention that gun crime actually peaked after the ban, and that violent crime via knives, bats and other means is surpassing violent crime in the United States, and even crime dens like South Africa.

The problem when comparing crime statistics is that while one government may report violent crime to be X.Y and Z, another may define it as Q R and X. So the staff here at Red, White and Lori went on a mission to find a single set of statistics, compiled by a single team, using the same definitions, so as not to have an apples to oranges comparison. We were successful.

According to a survey by the United Nations and the European Community (certainly no friends of our Second Amendment) the UK suffers an incredible violent crime rate of 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. The failed and near lawless state of South Africa only has a rate of 1, 609 per 100k. The United States has a violent crime rate of merely 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people (Note: this includes gang vs gang killings).

In England, as in some parts of the United States, violent crimes spike when citizens are prevented from defending themselves with effective means.

We have an estimated 80 million gun owners in the United States, and because of the recent actions of three untreated schizophrenics the elite media and political focus isn’t on mental illness, but on the 80 million people who had nothing to do with it. Think about it – 80,000,000 to 3.

We could fill a book with the statistical evidence as it is simply overwhelming. The demagoguery on this issue was never about protecting children. Rather, it is about the politics of demonization and blame.

We here at Red, White, and Lori do believe that some gun law reform is needed, namely the elimination of phony “gun-free zones” which have resulted in nothing but death and misery as so well explained in this short clip from Penn and Teller (warning – language):

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