The Elite Media Is Dancing On Micheal Brown’s Grave

To hell with ethics, conflict means ratings!

After seeing the elite media fanning the flames of violence, suspicion and leftist political causes one might wonder if journalism schools are taught by vampires looking to suck the blood out of anything and anyone they can exploit, even the dead.

The St Louis Post Dispatch sainted Micheal Brown in a glowing puff piece referring to him as a “gentle giant”, followed by further glowing accolades of tribute from the Washington PostDaily KOS, MSNBC, etc. CNN went so far as to say that Brown was setting a fine example for his younger siblings. Read the links. What possible good can come from painting Brown as the poster child for inner city public school success when police were telling reporters who would listen that he was a robbery suspect with a criminal record. The elite media is exploiting the death of this troubled young man to agitate and create conflict.  Conflict means ratings which pushed CNN to number two in prime time.

Eventually the truth comes out, but much of the elite media isn’t having it. By now most of us have seen the video released by a British newspaper showing Michael Brown robbing a convenience store and manhandling the clerk not even half his size:

Brown commits this crime with confidence. Does anyone believe that this was his first time committing such a crime? AOL News is reporting that Michael Brown’s criminal record included gang crimes and charges of second degree murder. AOL News reported the story because independent journalist Charles C. Johnson has filed a lawsuit to have the details of Brown’s record released. Why would the facts of Brown’s record have to be forced to light by an independent journalist? Does anyone believe that CNN, St Louis Post-Dispatch, MSNBC, Washington Post, etc were somehow unaware?

The elite media has made a decision. Once again they simply refuse to let pertinent facts get in the way of the story they wish to tell and the attitude they wish to propagate.

Still not convinced that the agitation is deliberate? CNN, Yahoo News, USA Today and the Washington Post all aired and/or published where officer Wilson lives.

When strong-arm robbery video story started to catch legs the Huffington Post, in a blatant attempt at “shut-uppery“, blasted anyone that would release critical pertinent facts as somehow slaying Michael Brown again.

The violent agitation by Al Sharpton, the elite media, and the Chicago and New York agitators that always seem to follow the likes of Sharpton around is about far more than just ratings. After numerous comparisons of Michael Brown to Jesus Christ at the funeral, Al Sharpton called for political action. Vote Democrat and lets pass some new laws!

New laws is exactly what CNN is pushing for, one example is yet again CNN’s Don Lemon  pining for new gun laws by trying to convince viewers that standard semi-automatic firearms that have been common for almost 120 years are really automatic machine guns that should be banned:

This is far from the first time CNN has done this. CNN repeated the same lies repeatedly on the Piers Morgan Show. Even the left leaning Politifact didn’t hesitate to say “We rate Lemon’s claim False”.

[For those who are unaware this video shows a common semi-automatic firing and this following linked video shows a common automatic weapon. Automatic weapons are rare and take special licensing to be able to buy.]

Eric Holder and Al Sharpton

Attorney General Eric Holder with Al Sharpton

It is no secret that the Democratic Party leadership has been working to pass legislation to nationalize local police. The police, once sufficiently militarized, make enough perceived mistakes with access to such hardware, create the excuse to give the Democrats just what Obama promised, a civilian force just as strong as the military:All of this agitation has escalated this to a people vs police, black vs white narrative, which has opened the door for Attorney Eric Holder to go to Ferguson and launch his own investigation. Eric Holder is no stranger to agitation tactics himself. Holder was responsible for deliberately sending American guns to Mexican drug cartels in an effort to blame the violence that was sure to come on the Second Amendment. Eric Holder is also responsible for dropping all charges against Black Panthers who have showed up at polling places repeatedly to make sure that only votes for Obama were cast.

This is not about white vs black or people vs police. I have great sympathy for the Brown family and Officer Wilson’s family. As of yet no one knows what really happened on the streets of Ferguson that day, but the efforts to create hate and crisis for those in power to exploit for their own gain is well underway.


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