The Defective Obama Presidency: Paris is Just the Latest Bungle.

40+ World Leaders march for unity against terrorism.

40+ World Leaders march for unity against terrorism.

What is wrong with this picture?

Have we ever seen a presidency so backwards? So reckless? So tone deaf?

The Obama Administration’s no show at the Paris solidarity march against militant Islamic terrorism is just another in a long list of outrageous slaps in the face to our closest allies.

President Obama reneged on the missile defense agreement with Poland and the Czech Republic which pleased both Putin and the Iranian Mullah’s. Obama refused to meet with Polish Cold War hero Lech Walesa. Obama has let the Republic of Georgia twist in the wind just as he has Ukraine. He has insulted our British allies multiple times. He moved to punish Hondoras when the Honduran government and military intervened to prevent it’s Marxist president from becoming a dictator.

President Obama has appeased the North Koreans by cutting missile defense in Alaska. Obama coddled former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, let the freedom uprising in Iran get squashed without lifting a finger. Obama helped to oust secular governments in Libya and Egypt to make them safe for a Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda take over.  President Obama then blasted the Egyptian military for ousting the Muslim Brotherhood government he supported.

President Obama has systematically undone the progress we have paid for in blood and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan. His opposition to the ISIS take over of much of Iraq has been a few pinprick airstrikes as Christians and other groups in Iraq have been effectively genocided. Famed historian Dr. Victor Davis Hanson has said that Obama is “Fighting to not win.

I would be delighted to list all of the outrageous examples of disrespect Obama has given to our closest ally Israel, but it would take a series of columns to touch upon them all.

While the international press has blasted Obama’s no show in France, the excuses coming from the White House have amounted to one lie after another.

The first lie was that an Obama appearance would be too much of a security risk. Really? Forty plus world leaders disagreed, including militant Islam’s public enemy number one, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, as was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov led a Russian diplomatic delegation that attended the march, along with 3.7 million citizens and other leaders from around the world.

Speaking of security, remember this?


Of course it wasn’t long before we learned that the security excuse was a lie as the Secret Service said that they were not even asked about security for any trip to Paris.

Fox News’ Ed Henry dismantled White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest who tried his best to make the “security” lie seem plausible. This is worth every moment:

As the security lie was falling on its face, the next lie was that Obama’s attendance would have “impacted common citizens“. Really? How exactly would an Obama or Biden appearance have made a dent in the impact of 3.7 million people attending a march?

As you might have noticed in the video, Obama supporting liberals refuse to use the term “radical Islam”, yet they have no concerns over insulting groups like conservatives & Christians.

In Homeland Security reports the Obama Administration paints conservatives and Christians to be a major terrorist threat. But to this presidency every attack by militant Islamists yelling “Allahu Akbar” has nothing to do with Islam at all. We keep seeing this again and again such as Major Nidal Hassan’s Jihadist attack on an Army base that was classified by the Obama Administration as “workplace violence” resulting in the victims being denied key benefits.

Here we go – White House claims that Paris terrorists weren’t actually Jihadists

Several willing elite media organs of the Democratic Party have changed their tune now that journalists have been targeted for execution. CNN’s Anderson Cooper suggested that Vice President Biden was probably watching Gilmore Girls when he should have been at the Paris rally. CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out that France was the firstcountry to send their leader to the United States after 9/11 and was personally ashamed at US leaders’ absence.

More of them had better get the hint because killing people who write messages insulting Islam has Islamic precedent.

It isn’t all bad! It was nice to see President Obama stand up for freedom of expression and free speech, but I wonder how the film-maker on whom the Obama Administration lied repeatedly to blame the Benghazi attack on, and who was subsequently thrown in jail, has to say about Obama’s rather sudden appreciation for free speech.

Not all Obama supporting leftists have gotten the message. Women who have escaped Islamic oppression such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali are banned by university leftists while purveyors of global terror such as former Iranian President Ahmadinejad are invited to speak to students.

Other leftists have said that it is France’s fault for not making Muslims feel welcome, you know, just as Jews and Christians are made to feel so welcome in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Gaza, Iraq and many other Muslim countries.

Senator Ted Cruz is one of the voices in Congress with clear eyes on this issue:

Why is this presidency so defective? If we had seen only a handful of the whopping errors from this White House, one might chalk it up to amateur hour on Pennsylvania Avenue. There can be no doubt that there is an agenda at work here. There is certainly a sympathy to the Islamic world in the Obama Administration, but just as prevalent is the strategy described by Scottish historian Prof. Niall Ferguson, “I am not George W. Bush, love me!”

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