Democrat Immigration Plan Made Clear: Throw Blacks Under The Bus.

There is no longer any doubt. New revelations from the Democratic leadership and from RINO Jeb Bush have made it clear who their immigration policy favors and who it targets. Democrats are making it more advantageous for employers to hire illegal aliens over inner-city minorities. To get more votes from illegal aliens, they will throw blacks under the bus.

The Center for Immigration Studies released a report on February 2nd that revealed how the Obama administration has operated an illegal “shadow” immigration system for years, handing out millions of work permits to illegal aliens. According to government data that CIS received in a Freedom of Information Act Request, the Obama Administration used its “discretion” to give out nearly 5.5 million work permits to illegal aliens since 2009.

Jessica Vaughan, the policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Daily Caller that “The executive branch is operating a huge parallel work-authorization system outside the bounds of the [immigration] laws and limits written by Congress [and which] inevitably reduces job opportunities for Americans. … The true magnitude of how often he has evaded the limits set by Congress on foreign workers has never been known until now.”

The CBO reports that mass immigration might help Wall Street but depresses wages for working Americans.

Although most of the job growth in the United States has gone to the foreign-born, workforce participation for American adults is the lowest in 36 years.

The unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghan vets is over 21%, much higher than for non-veterans. Black teen unemployment in Illinois is 88%. Young black adults aged 20-24 face an unemployment rate of 23%.

And herein lies the problem; with public schools failing our inner city minorities at an alarming rate, those inner city youth will be competing for low skilled jobs against a massive influx of illegal aliens.

There is no greater struggle for economic opportunity for inner city minorities than Detroit. Jeb Bush, who supports Common CoreObamacare, and whose tax free foundation gave Hillary Clinton a “Liberty Medal” award on the eve of the Benghazi anniversary massacre, said that illegal’s should be used to populate Detroit:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in congressional testimony that Obamacare will not apply to illegal aliens who are allowed work in the United States as a result of President Obama’s executive action. Meaning that employers who hire illegals will not have to pay for health insurance or pay the thousands of dollars in fines as they would when American workers are hired.

Low-skill jobs are not the only ones affected. The Washington Times reports that an Alabama employment agency that sent 70 predominantly black laborers and construction workers to job sites in that state, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, says the men were sent home after just two weeks on the job by employers who told them “the Mexicans had arrived” and were willing to work for less.

Speaking of Jeb Bush’s Common Core, it has a dirty little secret. Common Core disproportionally impacts minorities and impoverished inner city schools. Here at Red, White and Lori, we have written about Common Core in some detail, those with an interest in education will find our report worth reading again.

Common Core proponents claim to prepare students for college, Common Core’s “standards” are low in math, civics, history and other areas. When put under cross examination its own authors admit as much. Common Core materials reflect a radicalized curriculum, in fact fourth graders in North Carolina are assigned to read a book about the Black Panther Party. While teaching about race relations is fine for older students, Common Core materials often reflect the values of Marxism, conflict theory, and Saul Alinsky style racial agitation which undermines a student’s public attitude, as well as their economic viability.

Common Core implementation effectively creates a massive redistribution of wealth from schools to education companies, often referred to as “the education cartel”. Schools are a multi-billion dollar cash cow. Education companies and some wealthy pressure groups have worked to structure Common Core to enrich themselves.

One way that the education cartel makes money is through a system of testing fees. The materials tested, as well as the tests themselves, are convoluted. This serves to confuse students as well as teachers, which results in students being tested over and over, each with a fee.

Almost half of all students do not pass these exams on the first attempt and must be tested again. Extra costs for Common Core implementation is estimated at $800 million in California and $300 million in Washington state.

Pearson Charitable Foundation, the nonprofit arm of educational publishing giant Pearson Inc., has agreed to pay a $7.7 million settlement to New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman after he determined that the foundation had created Common Core products to generate “tens of millions of dollars” for its corporate sister.

The Washington Post, certainly no friend to Republicans, published this piece showing how “Common Core tests set kids up to fail.”

This brings us to a final question, why are the Democrats deliberately taking what has been a reliable voting block and throwing it under the bus? The answer is the sum of two parts.

First, Hispanic immigrants, both illegal and legal, have a birth rate that is higher than any domestic population. Mexican immigrants have a birth rate of 3.5 children per woman. Combine that with a non-stop flow of illegal border crossers and it will mean that other voting blocks, such as black Americans, will soon find themselves exponentially outnumbered. The Democrat’s are interested in importing a new poverty class. The IRS has recently admitted that it is giving tax refunds to illegal immigrants who file a return; this includes the Earned Income Tax Credit, meaning that the government is literally paying illegal immigrants to stay.

The second reason becomes more apparent every day. Black American’s attitudes toward the Democratic Party are changing. After decades of broken promises and eight years of an Obama presidency that has left inner city communities in worse shape today than when Obama took office, black Americans are realizing that they have been bamboozled. This video is just a small sample of what Republicans see as a growing trend:

For now, the Democrats are doing everything they can to paint a rosy picture of the economy and the unemployment rate. But the CEO of Gallup Polling has come out swinging, saying in no uncertain terms that the Obama Administration’s description of a blossoming economy and low unemployment rates are nothing but lies:

So what can be done? The Congress is currently in a battle over the defunding of President Obama’s lawless shadow immigration program. Every Democrat in the Senate is protecting Obama’s illegal actions. Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to defund Obama’s illegal amnesty.

The Capitol Hill Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121. Call today.

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