WI Sheriff David Clarke, the black man CNN hates most

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Sheriff David Clarke, The Black Man CNN Hates Most

Is Don Lemon CNN’s point man to trash minorities who are off the Democrat Party plantation? Judging by recent evidence it certainly looks that way.

While CNN has fallen to the bottom of the ratings, some of us have to watch it if only to see what they are up to. Lately it has simply been stomach turning. The lies, the condescension, and overt race and sex bating, is enough to make good people vomit.

Here is the short list of what you missed from Don Lemon and CNN:

The FBI investigation of her reckless handling of classified materials on her illegal private email server which was hacked, including the names of CIA assets who later lost their lives, was really all about sexism.

Don Lemon pretending that he had no idea that it was Hillary who lead the effort to trash, harass, threaten and intimidate the women that Bill Clinton had abused. The Clinton’s long time and most trusted political adviser, Dick Morris, has written about this extensively and famed journalist Richard Poe published a book on the same.

Don Lemon trying to goad Dr. Drew into proclaiming Donald Trump as mentally unstable.

CNN trashed Donald Trump for having a picture of himself eating a taco bowl, but ignored the fact that leaked Democratic National Committee emails showed that the Democratic Party code named their Latino outreach program “Taco Bowl Engagement”.

It gets better. Don Lemon straight up called career Secret Service agent Dan Bongino a liar when he correctly pointed out that Donald Trump’s statement about the power of conservative Second Amendment activists have in getting controversial votes stopped in the Senate. Don Lemon tried to make the case that Trump was calling for Hillary’s assassination.

Dan Bongino secretservice

Dan Bongino (Left)

No one bothered to ask Lemon the obvious; who would know more about presidential threats than a career Secret Service agent?

Such activists have stopped gun ban votes in the Senate after Sandy Hook and Jarrod Loughner, they have also stopped amnesty votes in the Senate since the Bush Administration.

CNN even went so far as to falsely report that the Secret Service launched an investigation over Trump’s comments. CNN simply made it up. The Secret Service openly refuted the story to Reuters, who is no friend of Donald Trump.

As if the revolting garbage above being repeated 24/7 isn’t enough, CNN and Don Lemon have a very special ire for Sheriff David Clarke, who is the black Republican Sheriff of Milwaukee. Aside from the fact that he is a black man who is not in Hillary’s pocket, here is an example of why CNN and Lemon are on a crusade to destroy this good man.

Sheriff Clarke has made it his personal mission to shame and correct those espousing violence against police. There have been multiple shootings of police officers inspired by the so called “Black Lives Matter” group who is endorsed by the Democratic Party. How violent is their rhetoric? Watch for yourself as they call for the murder of police. This is but a sample.

CNN and Lemon in particular have been a constant critic of Sheriff Clarke. When the Sheriff agreed to speak with Lemon on the air, Lemon spoke down to him like he was an out of control “angry black man” stereotype when all Clarke was doing was being assertive in correcting Lemon’s spin for “Black Lives Matter”

Yet, Don Lemon sees no reason to call for calm after CNN political commentator and former Congressional Black Caucus staffer Angela Rye goes ballistic on on the air saying (and please watch the video at the following link) “rogue cops shoot black people for sport” immediately after the Dallas Police ambush.

Clearly for CNN, and Don Lemon in particular, going off the rails to support left wing politics trumps genuine violence, be it police being shot or progressive activists attacking Trump supporters leaving campaign events, CNN just doesn’t seem to care. CNN has even gone as far to say that the violence from the left is “not that big a deal“.

CNN, and Don Lemon had a very different view when they accused TEA Party activists of “inciting violence” when the only violence that has ever happened at a TEA Party event was from union thugs and progressive activists attacking event attendees. Katrina Pierson, national spokeswoman for the Trump Campaign, had some fun pointing out CNN’s outrageous hypocrisy to Wolf Blitzer’s face.

Don Lemon continues to smear Sheriff Clarke with CNN’s blessing. In his latest attack Lemon said on the air that the unrest we see is because of “policies and police actions that Sheriff Clarke is party to.” What! Since when has Sheriff Clarke shot anyone or ever been accused of police brutality?

But rest assured all, Don Lemon insists that he is the epitome of fairness and objectivity, at least his CNN colleague, Cuomo the lesser, has been slightly more candid in saying on the air, “We could not help Hillary any more than we have. She has gotten just a free ride from the media. We are the biggest ones promoting her campaign”

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