FBI Director Comey was leaking to the press in an effort to damage President Trump.

Comey admitted that he leaked memo’s he took of conversations he had with the President, which are privileged and are classified until made unclassified, as are all private conversations with the President. Comey stated in his testimony before Congress that he designed his leaks in hopes to push the Department of Justice into appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump Administration, thus turning a counter intelligence investigation into a criminal one:

Make no mistake, the FBI Director was working to bring down this administration.

Comey claims that he only leaked to the New York Times once which appeared May 16th. But there are other leaks that likely came from Comey such as the conversation he allegedly had with the Trump on May 11th. After seeing this leak, President Trump, seemed to know Comey was responsible, posted the following on Twitter:

About that special prosecutor.

This is the same James Comey who publicly supported the Obama Administration’s decision to not appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information with a secret computer server set up at her home, using Bleachbit to destroy the data on the server when discovered after it was subpoenaed, lying about it, and taking a hammer to the blackberry’s and other devices that were connected to it, and then ending up in the hands of Anthony Weiner.

From the Bleachbit website:

“Beyond simply deleting files, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications…”

According to Comey, this showed that Hillary had no intent at all to cover up the truth and he concluded that Hillary and her staff simply had no idea how to handle classified information. Even though new information about these crimes are still being uncovered by Judicial Watch, Comey said directly that there is no case against Mrs. Clinton.

No case?

In the case of Donald Trump Comey stated under oath that he volunteered to the President on three different occasions that the FBI had no cause to investigate him. Yet, according to Comey, a special prosecutor for Trump is warranted, but not for Clinton.

Comey testified that he felt uncomfortable speaking with President Trump which is why he kept memo’s of his conversations with him. Comey claimed that he was concerned that the President would ask him to do something inappropriate and he wanted to protect the integrity of the FBI.

He felt “Uncomfortable”.

Former FBI Director Comey did not feel at all uncomfortable investigating Hillary Clinton as he stated that he kept no memo’s of her interviews and conversations with her. He also did not seem uncomfortable with the Obama Administration sending guns to Mexican drug cartels, weaponizing the IRS with everyone pleading the 5th when questioned, and was not uncomfortable with the Clinton Foundation taking millions from foreign governments who had interests under consideration at the State Department among other scandals.

Comey did not feel uncomfortable when he admitted that he was pressured by Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to follow administration inaccurate talking points demanding that he not use the word “investigation” and call it “the matter” or according to press reports a routine security review.

Comey stated under oath that he was pressured by AG Lynch in other ways, but that he could only speak to them during a closed, private session. President Obama had stated publicly that Hillary did nothing wrong and that the IRS did nothing wrong while the investigations were ongoing, but yet, no leaks and no memo’s. Comey is all comfy.

AG Lynch had a private meeting with Bill Clinton on an aircraft while Hillary was being investigated, but still, Comey is still not uncomfortable enough type up a few memo’s to himself….you know… to protect the integrity of the FBI.

But now Comey feels pressured?

Comey testified that in his meeting with the President, Trump said that General Flynn is a good guy and he hoped that the investigation is over soon. Comey testified that he took that as an unethical order to drop the investigation improperly. Comey said that Trump also wanted to know why the FBI would not state publicly that he was not under investigation.

Comey said that stating publicly that Trump was not under investigation would have been improper, you know like when Comey publicly cleared Hillary Clinton, in spite of a mountain of evidence against her.

But Comey had said in his testimony before Congress on May 3rd that Trump was not under investigation as there was no reason to investigate him.

So let’s get this straight: a mountain of evidence against Hillary and her staff, they get very publicly cleared; no evidence against Trump, Comey pushes for a special prosecutor.

Comey said he was not asked to stop an investigation by anyone on May 3rd, then he was fired by Trump and his story flipped. Yet today Comey also testified that former National Security Advisor Flynn was never brought up again by Trump and that no one in the White House or Department of Justice asked him to drop the investigation. So where is this pressure to “drop it”?

Comey, digging the hole even deeper, testified that he was just “too afraid” to call the White House Council or the Deputy Attorney General to tell them to relay to the President that ordering him to drop an ongoing investigation is improper.  The law requires that Comey report this if he believed that he was being ordered to obstruct justice……but he was “afraid”. Comey did not just have hours to get unafraid, he had weeks.

Comey also testified that Trump wanted the investigation to find out if anyone in his administration acted improperly. Trump, somehow wanted the investigation to stop and go on all at the same time, according to Comey.

Comey even testified that the NYT report, claiming that the Trump Campaign had repeated contacts with the Russians, was nonsense, yet he was leaking and pushing for a special prosecutor.

Under questioning from Senator Rubio, Comey’s narrative was completely undressed. Rubio points out in the video below that the only things leaked about the FBI investigation were things that would damage Trump, and that the fact that no evidence linked Trump to anything to even investigate just magically got left out:

James Comey seems happy to assume someone’s intent, or lack there of, when it suits his narrative at the time. How very convenient. How far will we be asked to pull up our boots because of what the swamp is shoveling?

Why did President Trump fire James Comey? Aside from his embarrassing May 3rd testimony where his statements about the Clinton investigation further revealed what a farce his conclusion was, Trump fired Comey because he was dragging his feet in investigating the leaks as Trey Gowdy directly implied in his questioning. Come to find out Comey was one of the leakers.

James Comey has been fired from the FBI for all of one month and one leaker has already been arrested. More are likely to come.

Lori Hendry is a citizen journalist, former radio host, and contributor to “The Rich Don’t Pay Tax! …Or Do They?” blog.

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