Elite Media’s Long History of Lies

The elite media spends almost all of its time talking about Russian Conspiracy theories involving Donald Trump. A recent Harvard media study reports that up to 93% of elite media news coverage on Trump is negative, with almost all air time of the phony Russia conspiracy and almost no time devoted to real news such as policy initiatives. By contrast Obama’s negative coverage was 41%.

News has become “Infotainment” where real news is less important than, generating phony controversies, appealing to a specific audience (say leftists) like blaming Sarah Palin for mass shootings she clearly had nothing to do with, and manufacturing news events such as…well just look below for a sample:

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This is the same elite media that gave Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance, presented Democrat campaign ringers to pose as regular voters “just asking questions”, ran fake news stories about Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife, knowingly presented forged documents about George Bush just weeks before an election, elite media journalists banding together to smear Republicans (list here) , giving Democrats interview questions in advance, making up false stories about women close to Donald Trump, rigged polls, hooked up incendiary devices to a GM truck in an effort to make them look less safe, countless cases of selectively edited video and audio to present a lie, covering up lies for Obama, running propaganda for Saddam Hussien, and still running paid propaganda for Middle East regimes.

The Democrats have been pushing the Russian Conspiracy lie ever since insiders at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton Campaign released emails to WikiLeaks showing real crimes such as paying thugs to create violence at Trump events, busing in people to vote for the dead,  collusion between dozens of elite media reportersand the Clinton campaign, some of which submitted their stories for approval. It is no surprise that they, while claiming that Russians hacked them, refused to let the FBI examine said servers.

In the case of the aforementioned CNN getting debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance, former DNC Chair Donna Brazile claimed that the emails were faked, but eventually came clean and admitted the truth. CNN, so brazen in its bias simply started cutting off any guests who brought up credible Clinton scandals:

CNN finally admitted on the air that they were doing all that they could to get Clinton elected. CNN has also admitted on hidden camera that their Russian Conspiracy coverage is “all bullsh*t” and “a big nothing burger,” going so far as to describe voters as being “stupid as sh*t“.

The retractions just keep coming. CNN had to retract yet another fake Russia story, this time about former Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

They are going after Trump’s children too. They attacked Donald Trump Jr. for meeting a Russian lawyer who was cleared by the Obama Administration to enter the country and lobby for Russian adoptions. After that nothing-burger failed to stick, now Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son in law, is under attack for daring to do international investments and finance…umm, internationally, which is how his family has made a living.

Democrats and the elite media have accused Kushner of not revealing his Russian business contacts on his SF-86 back ground check. What they left out is that he amended his SF-86 the following day with the contacts included.

It is for this nonsense that they have even tossed around treason accusations on the air when, as Prof Alan Dershowitz points out,  in fact not a single statute anyone can apply has been violated.

The latest smear from CNN and their Democrat friends is accusing Donald Trump of having a second “undisclosed meeting” with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit. CNN and Democrats called the meeting “Not Normal and “tried to keep it a secret.” The Guardian, NBC, Vox, Politico, Reuters, Vanity Fair, CNBC, NYT, The Atlantic, Slate etc went crazy.

CNN and Democrats called the meeting “Not Normal and “tried to keep it a secret” with “nobody else present” in the video below:

Here is the “secret” meeting “with nobody else present” which Politico described as “Solo“…
g20 dinner

…It was a dinner with all of the G20 members and their wives. Also in the room were security, staff, caterers, press and cameras everywhere. It was quite literally small talk at the dinner table. Perhaps there is some rule that no one is allowed to talk to each other at the G20 dinner or perhaps this is yet another case of the press manufacturing a lie out of nothing engaging in a deliberate, calculated smear.

I wonder if they served “nothing burgers” at that dinner.

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