Hillary and the Democrats Caught Colluding with Russia… Again

It is happening again. In the 80’s Democrats conspired with the Russians to undermine Ronald Reagan. Democrats simpatico with the Russians on the “No Nukes” unilateral disarmament movement. Democrats worked to help Russian backed communists in Nicaragua (2), Democrats threw in with the Russians in vigorously opposing Missile Defense to protect Americans. Post LBJ Democrats were in neck deep with Russian backed “anti-war” movements.  Democrats have fully cooperated with Russian backed “green groups” in efforts to reduce energy production in the United States.

How could we forget this:

Recent events are uncovering evidence that Russian influence in the Democratic Party has allowed Putin to penetrate at least several cabinet level departments in the United States Government including the FBI, DoJ, State Department, and EPA.

Trump’s Collusion with Russia is a Complete Fabrication.

According to the Washington Post, who previously has been the tip of the spear blasting Trump with phony allegations, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) funded and helped manufacture the now famous fake dossier containing manufactured allegations about President Trump’s alleged coordination between his campaign and Russia.

The DNC/Clinton campaign’s attorney, Marc E. Elias, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington Democratic opposition research group, to manufacture the dossier. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with connections to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, to author the phony documents. The funding included paying for Steele to go to the Russians, to get phony “intelligence” from the them, to include in the dossier.

The Clinton’s and the DNC funneled the money to Fusion GPS though Elias’ law firm, Perkins Coie.

Fusion GPS executives are now pleading the 5th and fighting in court to keep their bank records concealed.

The UK Daily Mail published a timeline of Clinton/Democrats/FBI stonewalling and liesabout their phony dossier and allegations.

Democrat cat calls of “TREASON” have now fallen silent.

The Obama Administration Presented the Phony Trump/Russia Dossier to the FISA Court to get a Domestic Spying Warrant on Trump.

Knowing full well that the Trump/Russia dossier was a fabrication, the Obama Administration, including avowed Trump hater and leaker former FBI Director James Comey, lied to the FISA Court and submitted the manufactured evidence to them as cause to spy on the Trump campaign.

Keep in mind that Comey leaked documents and admitted doing so in hopes of getting a special prosecutor appointed to investigate Trump/Russia, allegations he knew full well were false. Now that the truth is out that this was all phony we don’t see Comey out with an apology do we? Also keep in mind that Comey was the one who let Hillary and her staff off the hook for mishandling classified information, sending secrets through unsecured email and even making them available to Anthony Weiner.

Cover Up: The FBI Was Aware of Russian Bribes and Collusion with the Clinton’s Since 2009

The Hill and Circa news are reporting that a whistle-blower, backed up by documents and recordings, that the FBI Under Directors Mueller and Comey were well aware of bribes, kickbacks and extortion of Obama Administration officials to grow Vladimir Putin’s uranium holdings in United States companies since 2009. This included millions of dollars to the Clinton’s and Bill Clinton being paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow where he met with Putin. The result, with the help of the Clinton’s is Russia gaining control of 20% of America’s uranium holdings.

The Hill:

The Obama administration and the Clintons defended their actions at the time, insisting there was no evidence that any Russians or donors engaged in wrongdoing and there was no national security reason for any member of the committee to oppose the Uranium One deal.

But FBI, Energy Department and court documents reviewed by The Hill show the FBI in fact had gathered substantial evidence well before the committee’s decision that Vadim Mikerin — the main Russian overseeing Putin’s nuclear expansion inside the United States — was engaged in wrongdoing starting in 2009.

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder was among the Obama administration officials joining Hillary Clinton on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States at the time the Uranium One deal was approved. Multiple current and former government officials told The Hill they did not know whether the FBI or DOJ ever alerted committee members to the criminal activity they uncovered.

The FBI covered up the information and did not notify Congress, however, Victoria Toensing, the attorney representing the whistle-blower,  John Soloman of The Hill,  and Sara Carter of Circa News, told Fox News that The FBI (Mueller and Comey) did pass the information to Attorney General Eric Holder which made it into a presidential daily briefing. Eric Holder, being very aware of all of this, sat on the State Department review committee, chaired by Hillary Clinton, that approved the sale of Uranium One to Russia.

The FBI, under Director Comey, engineered the hiring of former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who was almost certainly aware of all of this, to be a special prosecutor to investigate Trump for colluding with Russians, not the Clinton’s. The FBI has been weaponized as a partisan attack machine for the Clinton’s.

Further evidence of such weaponization of the FBI was recently uncovered by Judicial Watch who sued to attain government documents showing that the FBI had colluded with the IRS to criminally investigate conservative groups during the Obama Administration. The FBI cleared the IRS of any wrongdoing in the illegal targeting of conservatives in 2014, only later to have the IRS admit the very same wrongdoing when court rulings forced exposure of government documents proving otherwise.

Robert Mueller should be fired as Special Prosecutor immediately as he is at best a material witness to Russian collusion, and at worst a conspirator engaging in the cover-up and a criminal agent working to reverse a presidential election through fraud.

Let the Denials Begin

At the hour of this writing Democrats most likely involved are already issuing denials and/or plan to plead the 5th. Hillary is already denying everything and former Attorney General Lynch is clamming up. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is calling for Robert Mueller to be removed as Special Prosecutor.

President Obama’s former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, is calling for an investigation of the Clintons.

By direct order of President Trump the whistle-blower had his DoJ gag order lifted and is now talking to Congress.


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