The Anti-Trumper Phony Freak Outs…

They think of themselves as the educated elite, so much smarter than the rabble between the coasts and they have been wrong about most everything since 2016.

Just to reminisce, here is a small example of the NeverTrump election meltdown:

While some of the NeverTrump crowd are finally coming around, others are using their voice in the media to inspire violence.

Many Republican NeverTrumpers have largely pulled back from their completely false dire predictions of doom and gloom for the courts, the country and the economy, others, with their new found allies in leftist elite media, have continued to spiral down a crazed rabbit hole of outrageous cynicism.

ABC News, like their friends in the Democratic Party, blasted Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick as “controversial” among other less flattering terms, before the announcement was even made!

ABC News Trump Scotus

The lies and smears of Judge Kavanaugh continued:

While the NeverTrump crowd would have you believe that Kavanaugh sits just to the right of Attila The Hun, the record shows Judge Kavanaugh to be a center-right legal mind who is slightly more conservative than Justice Kennedy who he is replacing. Kavanaugh once clerked for Justice Kennedy.

The next NeverTrump meltdown happened at the NATO summit where Trump called out European countries for failing to pay their fair share of NATO expenses and for allowing Russia to gain a strategic advantage on energy production in Europe. An “attack on NATO” they called it.

In the name of political correctness Germany and other European allies have been shutting down their coal, oil, and nuclear energy production. To compensate they have been buying energy from Russia, thus empowering Russia strategically and financially while asking the United States to pay to defend them from Russia. Such behavior is inappropriate and undermines NATO’s mission. How is standing up for the strategic interests of NATO an attack on NATO?

NATO countries, in violation of treaty, are not paying their fair share. How is it that demanding that member countries actually obey the treaty an attack on NATO?

When word got out that Trump is absolutely right about this, protests from the NeverTrump crowd got quiet rather quickly. NATO countries have now agreed to pay more. Thank you President Trump.
NATO expensitures 2017

However, NeverTrumper’s ever so eager to pounce with an “I told you so” opportunity, thought they had their moment when Trump didn’t publicly blast Vladimir Putin on the latest round of Mueller/Rosenstein indictments against the Russians for interfering with our election by allegedly hacking the Democrats. The usual suspects had a meltdown:

So intense was the meltdown that even Brit Hume and Chris Wallace, among others, fell into their bogus narrative.

There was a reason that the Special Prosecutor Mueller/Rosenstein released these new “indictments” just before Trump was to meet with Putin. The hype was high and the time to actually analyze the facts was short.

Lets examine the record of which President Trump is very aware.

In February Mueller/Rosenstien released indictments of Russians and Russian companies, accusing them of interfering in our elections. What they didn’t expect is that some of them hired American lawyers and have demanded their day in court. Mueller/Rosenstein, knowing that we do not have extradition with Russia, hoped that said accused Russians would just ignore the indictments so he could have his field day with the press to enhance is fading credibility in the polls.

Special Counsel Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein have told the court that they do not intend to cooperate with discovery requests from the lawyers for the accused Russians, thus virtually guaranteeing that the judge with throw the “indictments” out.

While we do not have an extradition treaty with Russia, we do have a criminal cooperation treaty that has been in effect since 1999. Mueller/Rosenstein did not even attempt to request assistance from the Russian government to question those they accused in their “indictments”. It is clear that Mueller/Rosenstein had no intention of defending the integrity of their indictments and the most obvious reason is that said indictments have none.

The Mueller/Rosenstein indictment of Paul Manafort isn’t going much better with Judge Ellis blasting the special prosecutor’s behavior in the case.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who is acting Attorney General since AG Sessions has recused himself, is already in hot water as he faces Contempt of Congress and possible impeachment for his illegal refusal to cooperate with the appropriate oversight committees of Congress. Congressional subpoenas for documents and other information have largely gone ignored by Rosenstein.

Rosenstein, and his other allies such as FBI lead investigator Peter Strzok demonstrated themselves to be rather poor liars in their testimony before Congress. I encourage readers to take the time and watch the video of their testimony so the full weight of just how sleazy they are can be experienced first hand.

Rosenstein, as well as others such as Agent Strzok, are rife with conflicts of interest that DoJ regulations do not allow. Here is an example:

The FBI Ethics Section recommends that FBI Director Jim Comey be fired for lying about his official duties. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein fires Comey based on said recommendation (mostly because he was bungling and wouldn’t shut up), which is not obstruction of justice according to the Democrats and elite media.

Democrats and then James Comey himself claim that Comey’s firing means that President Trump is obstructing justice, so Rosenstein then appoints James Comey’s best friend, Robert Mueller, to be special prosecutor to investigate if Trump obstructed justice and if Trump was conspiring with Russians to change the election. Mueller then hired Peter Strzok, a NeverTrumper who told his mistress in writing that he would get Trump impeached even before he interviewed a single witness.

You read that correctly.

This is the same Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who signed off on the phony documents and application lying to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court(FISA) in order to get warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and create the phony Trump/Russian collusion allegations to begin with.

The latest round of indictments from Mueller/Rosenstien are a farce, and not simply because of their timing. The indictments do not name any victims specifically, just groups of people affected, such as the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Not naming them was no accident. Why? Because those indicted have the right to face their accuser and have a right to cross examination of all evidence and alleged victims. By refusing to name victims it virtually guarantees that said indictments cannot be challenged in court.

These rather obvious phony indictments accuse Russians of hacking the DNC, the same DNC which refused to allow the FBI to examine their servers to look for evidence of hacking.

This column lists but a residue of the chicanery that has been going on since our government agencies have been turned into partisan weapons by previous administrations. Would YOU believe anything that came from this crowd?

While there is no doubt that Russia, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India and countless other countries engage in influence operations here in the United States and we in turn do it right back, the point is that the attempt to frame and impeach President Trump by elements of the Deep State has failed and their illegal activities are, little by little, becoming known. No one, President Trump included, should allow this criminal crowd to come up with something phony to save face by waving clearly bogus indictments that say “Russia” for a headline.

Never Trumper Bill Kristol described Trump’s “performance” at the Helsinki summit as “contemptable.” Permit me to display just a little well deserved incivility towards idiots like Kristol and his talking head friends at CNN who are slinging the word Treason around simply because Trump refused to blast Putin publicly.

Morons like Kristol need to be asked directly – does one travel all the way to Helsinki to put on a “performance”? Does one have to travel all the way to Helsinki simply to insult someone? What Trump was working with Putin on is securing Russian help with the Iran/Syria problem and the North Korean nuclear deal. These are the two big hot spots in the world right now. North Korea wants defense and security guarantees from Russia, China, and the United States in exchange for dismantling their nuclear program and other perks such as sending home the remains of American soldiers in North Korea. The United States and Israel are also working with Putin to reduce Iran’s jihadist influence in war torn Syria. How likely is Trump to get that cooperation if he fly’s to Helsinki just to trash him in front of the cameras?

Perhaps someone should ask Bill Kristol and CNN why they are actively helping Iranian Mullah’s and North Korea’s nuclear program with their idiocy?

Trump handled the Putin Presser quite correctly, so says NYU Professor of Russian Studies Stephen F. Cohen. Cohen calls the media reaction “mob violence” and “a kangaroo court.” Prof. Cohen makes it clear that it is every president’s duty to walk back potential conflict so as to avoid any potential for nuclear war. President Obama said the samewhen he explained why publicly shaming Putin is wrong headed – where was the outrage and claims of treason against Obama? Prof. Stephen Cohen:

Hillary Clinton went so far to say, “Honestly, we don’t see Russia as a threat, we believe those days are behind us” – video. No outrage from the chattering class there.

CNN and their friends in the Washington Press Corps, have people so worked up in a frenzy with their lies and crazed, over the top exaggerations, that one man brought a gun to a baseball diamond in order to kill Republicans, nearly taking Congressman Steve Scalise’s life and therapists are receiving patients who have what they call “Trump Anxiety Disorder,” believing that the world is coming to an end from what they read in the New York Times, Washington Post and see on CNN.

Setting hype and incivility aside, the facts are the President Trump has been tougher on Putin than previous administrations. Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, whose country was invaded by Russia, is a credible non-partisan authority this issue. President Saakashvili’s perspective shows just how hollow, hypocritical and phony the chattering class truly is.

The economy is talking off with a new GDP report of 4.1% economic growth which is better than Obama ever saw. Unemployment is nearing record lows and the trade deficit has dropped by $52 billion this quarter. NeverTrumper claims of doom and gloom for the economy have fallen flat on their face. Now it’s official. They have been wrong about everything:

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