Democrats’ Fake News Claim: No Crisis At Border; But That’s Not What They Said Before Trump

Signs the Obama Administration placed along I-8 & I-10 near the Southern Border

Signs the Obama Administration placed along I-8 & I-10
near the Southern Border

One thing that politicians are in no short supply of these days is the chutzpah to engage in acts of breathtaking hypocrisy; such as Hillary Clinton blasting President Trump for using presidential emergency power for pure politics and then following up with a list of political goals of her own for which she would use emergency powers.


1 – Federal gun prosecutions were at record lows during Hillary’s time in the Obama Administration.

2 – The courts mandate that children be separated from their families if their adult parents committed crimes and had to face more than 20 days in jails. Why? Because the courts did not want children in adult prisons. Wait! Did Hillary just admit that there is an emergency at the border?

3 – Climate Change? We have had six known ice ages and warmed out of all six. So what.

4 – Shall we post yet another piece on the millions and millions who lost their health insurance and good care because of ObamaCare?

And while Democrats are having a collective cow over President Trump willing to actually use border funds at the border, keep in mind that they were fine with President Obama yanking the Iran treaty from the Senate because he couldn’t get the votes, renaming it the “Iran Deal” and just doing it anyway giving Iran billions in cash and releasing previously frozen assets.

President Obama changed immigration enforcement by ignoring the law and doing what he wanted, including giving benefits to illegals as well as extra IRS EITC refunds for illegals (2) who have children in Mexico.

Acting unilaterally outside of the law is fine, so long as you’re a Democrat.

Fortunately President Trump is well covered by the law in this case. The National Emergencies Act of 1976 is enabling legislation that allows the President to quickly transfer funds to handle emergencies. This power has been used for legitimate and highly questionable reasons by previous presidents such as promoting Democracy in the Balkans, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Yemen, Nicaragua, Burundi and Syria.

A full list of “National Emergencies” can be found here at AJC, as well as CNN, and Wikipedia.

Democrats insist that while promoting democracy in Burundi is a legitimate national emergency, the chaos at our borders they say is not. They are lying and damn well know it.

To start with dozens of dead bodies, with many of them children, are found along the border every month (2) (3)

Immigrant deaths near border 1998-2017

Immigrant deaths near the southwest border in the U.S.
from 1998-2017

The above statistic represents the total number of immigrant deaths reported by the United States Border Patrol near the southwest border from FY 1998 to 2017. The U.S. Border Patrol recorded 294 immigrant deaths near the southwest border in FY 2017, down from 329 in the preceding fiscal year.

So while kids being kept out of adult jails is a crisis to Democrats (NOTE: the whole child separation thing Democrats won’t stop going on about is in reality a 1997 court ruling that says the children of illegal border crossers cannot be held in adult jails with their parents if they commit crimes (1) (2)), children dying on the journey is a non issue. They are just little brown babies, so of course Democrats don’t care about them.

Since 2011 over 279,000 criminal illegal aliens have been booked into jails in Texas alone. Drugs and sex slaves coming over the border are difficult to measure because you don’t know what you don’t catch.

Infectious diseases that were once thought eradicated in the United States have been making a comeback due to mass illegal immigration (1) (2) (3) (4)

Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution says, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and ….. domestic violence.”

Democrat luminaries, such as former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and even President Obama’s DHS Secretary, former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano both declared emergencies in their own states because the Federal Government has been allowing chaos at the border.

Presidents and Governors have these powers because an executive needs them in order to govern effectively, nonetheless some wacky liberal political appointed judge in the 9th Circuit will take it upon his unelected self to assume presidential powers under Article II of the Constitution for himself and attempt to declare that there is no emergency, for which of course he/she will be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Senator Lindsey Graham has stated that Trump should have just declared an emergency over the border chaos some time ago.

Of course, Democrats know all of this and are opposing Trump for no other reason than to oppose him. After all, they themselves have stated all that Trump says about the border, many times before Trump got elected:

Democrats on illegal Immigration Before and after Trump

Democrats would rather the country suffer than see Trump win on any issue. Such is the nature of Trump derangement syndrome (TDS).

Speaking of TDS, I will conclude with this interview of White House Policy Advisor Stephen Miller by Chris Wallace who tries desperately to wrap Miller up in bogus narratives and talking points Miller just wasn’t having it. I encourage everyone to watch this video and listen carefully:

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