Dem-Media Unhinged Reaction to “No Collusion” in Mueller Report

If one were to accept the “reporting” from CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Press Corps in recent days, one might believe that the new Attorney General William Barr is a Russian spy, former “hero” Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has gone over to the dark side, and that Robert Mueller went from being the righteous holy warrior against Trump to an insider who was part of the conspiracy to get President Trump off charges of treason with the Russian Government.

Meanwhile, other Democrats and elite media pundits are quietly dropping the Russian Treason conspiracy narrative and moving the goal post to “Trump obstructed justice” even though the Mueller Report makes it clear that there was no criminal attempt to do so.

The biggest talking point they have is that President Trump asked his lawyers to look into seeing if Robert Mueller should be fired. They say that Trump wanted Mueller fired in an effort to obstruct the investigation. The truth, as stated in the report, demonstrates that Trump wanted Mueller fired for rather obvious conflicts of interest such as:

1 – Mueller was a part of the CFIUS Committee that approved Hillary’s sale of uranium to Russia at Hillary’s behest.

2 – Mueller was FBI director during Hillary Clinton’s violations of the Espionage Act/Public Records Act illegal private unsecured email server use and cover-up while she was Secretary of State.

3 – Robert Mueller is James Comey’s best friend. They deny this now but even the Washington Post reports that they have been very close for many years.

4 – Mueller put together a team of arch partisans who hated Trump as revealed by their own text messages and emails that also reveal that their intention was to find Trump guilty as an insurance policy in case the American people chose incorrectly.

5 – Mueller knew that FBI/DoJ had lied in it’s filings with the FISA Court about the nature of the fake “Steel Dossier” in order to get approval to launch covert surveillance on Trump and his campaign.

6 – If the objective was to find out about Russian interference, why did Mueller not question under oath various Obama era officials who were in power when all this allegedly happened? A list including but not limited to James Clapper, James Brennan, Samantha Power, Andrew McCabe, and the former Attorney General? When House Democrat Adam Schiff said he had evidence of collusion why did Mueller not ask for the evidence?

Trump’s anger and frustration at the complete unfairness of the whole Russian collusion hoax is perfectly legitimate, which is why Kellyanne Conway has said as recently as yesterday that President Trump was well within constitutional legality to fire Mueller for these conflicts.

The Democrat’s game plan will be to spin President Trump’s defending himself, such as his comments on Twitter, as attempts to obstruct justice. If one is accused of treason, aren’t you going to defend yourself very aggressively? The Russian hoax didn’t start out as a legal investigation, it was a political opposition research and political dirty tricks campaign that was was perverted into a counter intelligence investigation by corrupt Obama Administration officials and then perverted into a criminal investigation by leftover Obama Administration officials in hopes of undoing the 2016 election.

Obstruction? President Trump did not assert executive privilege, plead the 5th Amendment, or resist subpoenas in anyway. Nor did President Trump prevent the Mueller Report from seeing the light of day, which is under his legal authority to do so.

Putting the shoe on the other foot, defending yourself is not obstruction, but wiping computers, taking hammers to hard drives and cell phones, deleting 30,000 subpoenaed emails, lying to Congress, and countless Obama and Clinton era officials pleading the 5th, or otherwise refusing to testify certainly is.

The videos above are typical of what has happened under countless investigations since the Clinton’s have been in public service, yet the Clinton’s don’t obstruct justice at all according to the elite media or most Democrats.

Upon examination of the Mueller Report some interesting observations come to mind.

The Mueller report states over and over that there was no Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign, yet leaks from Mueller’s staff for the last two years have been constantly leaking to the media that there was.

Leaked emails and text messages among Mueller’s top investigators show that they knew early on that there was no case for Russian collusion and right to the end Mueller was trying to question the President on something he knew never happened. No legit prosecutor would ever do this.

The 200 page report is largely filled with innuendo, hearsay and punditry that isn’t under oath; this guy said this and the other guy said that, most of it second or third hand, none of which has been challenged or cross examined. Essentially, it is a political document, not a legal one.

This is why it is not the DoJ’s job to create a political opposition research paper and disseminate it to the public. It is their job to bring real evidence to a jury or not.

How fair is it for a prosecutor to essentially accuse you of treason repeatedly when he full well knew better, to come up with no evidence that could withstand minimal cross examination, but then come out with a report that is half filled with innuendo and hearsay making it look like you did something wrong, but no one is sure exactly what?

This is why under normal proprietorial procedures there are rules such as “6E” that prevent this type of smear information and showboating from being allowed to happen.

Democrats such as Jarold Nadler say that they will sue to obtain the grand jury testimony, raw investigative data, documents etc. Proprietorial procedures and the secrecy involved are not just a matter of legal procedure, they are law. Democrats will bring their lawsuit and they will lose.

Let the counter investigation begin.

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