Democrats Jump the Shark on Immigration, Incite ANTIFA Attack on Immigration Facility

A member of the far left terrorist group ANTIFA attacked an immigration facility with explosive devices in Tacoma, Washington.

The ANTIFA member who was killed during the attack said he was fighting “against the forces of evil” and said he could no longer stand by as the government rounded up immigrants and placed them in “concentration camps.”

Concentration Camps? How could anyone get such a crazy idea? Here is a clue:

The Democrats featured in the video above are the tip of the spear of the Democratic Party. They get more social media and elite media attention than any other Democrat by far. When they use language like “fascist” and “concentration camp” we all know the kind of unspeakable evil those words represent, by default violence is justified against such an evil. No reasonable argument can be made that such language, used by Democrats, is anything other than a call for political violence as made evident by their lack of condemnation.

Their defense is always the same. Anyone who critiques them is automatically branded a “racist” and a part of the evil that they are inciting violence against. CNN and other elite media can always be counted on to go along with it but polls and focus groups show that the voters are wise to it.

Democrat after Democrat has piled on to this phony political theatre. Here is just a small sample of how former ICE Director Thomas Homan was treated in a congressional hearing just last week:

These same Democrats who are calling border facilities fascist concentration camps are the same Democrats who voted against funding to improve the facilities there. Democrats are exploiting the masses coming across the border and yet the tip of the spear of the Democratic Party voted against any new aid to help them. Is it possible to be any more phony? By labeling our Border Patrol and immigration authorities “Nazi’s”, many such officers are Black and Latino, by Democrat standards of rhetoric their own behavior is overtly racist.

Here is Senator Josh Hawley’s brilliant summary of the border crisis, which Democrats claimed just weeks ago that Trump was making it all up:

Senator Lindsey Graham (R- S.C.) reports that people from 60 different countries, including Iran and Syria, are being apprehended at the border which is an intolerable national security risk.

A loophole in our laws say that if an illegal alien presents himself with a child then we cannot hold them for more than 20 days because the courts (Flores v. Reno 1997) have said that children cannot be held in adult jails with their parents for more than 20 days. So the choices are to violate the court order and lock children in adult prisons or to just let them go into the US population until such a time that they can have a hearing and then said illegal alien does not show up for court.

As a result the cartels are “renting children” to illegal border crossers for up to $8,000 a trip. They come over with a rented child, claim they are related and when released the child is taken back south of the border by the cartels.

The human traffickers and cartels do not care about these children, allowing dozens to die every month trying to cross the border. Also, up to 80% of minor girls apprehended at the border have been sexually assaulted. Democrats in Congress simply refuse to close the loopholes and fix the system. They just don’t care. After all, it is mostly just brown people who are suffering at the hands of the cartels… Right, Democrats?

The Democratic Party has become the party of open borders and free health care for anyone in the world who can make it here. I know Americans who cannot even get health care because government has made it unaffordable. Turning Point USA reports that refugees get $2,125 a month in benefits but our elderly and disabled get $1,400 a month on average. By inviting the world in to get free benefits Democrats have thrown the most vulnerable of Americans under the bus.

Their position is clear. They just don’t care about US citizens. For Democrats, it’s always “Illegals first.”

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