Sure, We Know 25% of Homicides Occur in Four Cities We Run, But Don’t Tell Anyone or You’re Racist!

shout-racist lolYou read that correctly, in fact if you tune in to CNN or NBC or read much of anything from the Washington Press Corps this week, that is pretty much all you could get from them….and why? Because the member of Congress who has represented Baltimore for decades happens to be black. Are you buying it? No one else with a double digit IQ (or better) is buying it either.

Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Washington D.C. are responsible for 25% of all the homicides in the United States. In Baltimore’s 309 homicides last year, 175 were fatal head shots.

In the campaign, President Trump said that he was going to do something about the mess that is the inner cities. Trump has been delivering. He put in place new regulations to help investment in troubled areas, he is raising $100 billion to privately invest in the inner cities, and President Trump’s new “First Step” program is releasing thousands of black inmates who were incarcerated for absurdly long sentences for minor, non violent offences, most of which were small amounts of drugs for personal use.

Trump has now stepped up to the next major problem in the inner cities, the corruption where billions of federal, State and local tax dollars are spent, the people have little to show for it, but Democrats in local government are somehow managing to get rich.

Here is President Trump telling it like it is. This is what the elite media is screaming “RACIST” about:

President Obama sent $1.8 billion to Baltimore and President Trump signed a bill giving Baltimore $15.7 billion. Where did the money go?

Baltimore has 17,000 vacant buildings. Of 13 Baltimore high schools ZERO studentscould pass the basic math proficiency exam.

The Democrat controlled local unions who are supposed to be doing trash pickup are billing the city for unworked overtime while trash in impoverished neighborhoods goes untouched…..which of course leads us to the rat problem.

Baltimore is so rat infested that PBS even did a documentary on it.

Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said on video that parts of East Baltimore are “sh*t that should be took down.” “You can “smell the rats”:

Democrat Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders said that Baltimore “looks like a third world country”:

Re. Elijah Cummings himself called Baltimore a “drug infested area”

But now Cummings has changed his tune…

Of course, famed shake down artistcon-man, tax-evader, and antisemite Al Sharpton had to weigh in. By denying the problem in Baltimore, Sharpton as usual, throws inner-city blacks under the bus.

They didn’t stop there. Democrats and their pals in the elite media are blaming Baltimore’s problems on Jared Kushner, the President’s son in law who happens to be Jewish (no stereotyping here folks…). They are calling Kushner a Baltimore slumlord. Here is a dishonest hit piece buy USA Today claiming that some of the apartment buildings Kushner owns have mice.


Jared Kushner

What the hit pieces and bogus media reports aren’t telling you is that Kushner is taking part in a federal government program where private investors buy distressed housing in Baltimore and revitalize the buildings over time. The rebuilding project is massive, involving thousands of apartments and will take years to complete. In short, the Kushner and Trump investments into low income housing are not the problem in Baltimore, they are a part of the solution. Successful Kushner and Trump organizations do not have to invest in low income housing at all. They made a choice to help people and the Democrats are slandering them for it.

The previous two mayors of Baltimore have resigned due to corruption charges and two police commissioners were sent to federal prison. Previous Mayors of Baltimore include House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s father and brother. What a big rich happy family these Democrats have become.

In spite of the evidence linked above, you don’t just have to take my word for it. Countless videos from people who either have lived in or do live in Baltimore are putting up YouTube videos verifying President Trump’s comments. Jericho Green pulls no punches in the video below. Watch and see for yourself:

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