The Tip of The Iceburg: A commentary

The Tip of The Iceberg 

President Obama’s accusation of Supreme Court activism has been stunningly and effectively countered.  A three-member panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to “answer by Thursday whether the Obama Administration believes that the courts have the right to strike down a federal law.”  The president has commented on the Trayvon Martin case without facts, inflaming racial distrust and hatred.  He told the outgoing Russian president he will have “more flexibility” after “my re-election.” These incidents are the tip of the iceberg.

What’s happening here? 

The President, a self-described Constitutional scholar (though definitely not a Professor, as the media erroneously report), is fundamentally wrong.   The Supreme Court has asserted, since Marbury vs. Madison, the role of judicial review, that is to judge the constitutionality of a law.  Judicial activism describes the act of a Judge or Justice making law and going outside the limits of the Constitution.

In the Obamacare case, the Supreme Court is well within its scope of responsibility in deciding the constitutionality of a federal law.

In the Trayvon Martin case, the president commented on the death of this 17 year old with no facts to support his position. He injected racism and inflamed a segment of the population.  Rather than leading peacefully and demanding a calm, full investigation, he fuels the very vigilante mentality that he supposedly meant to vilify.

In his now-infamous “open-mike gaffe,” he reveals himself as working to further the agenda of a foreign, hostile power, rather than the interests of the United States.

All of these incidents exemplify the President’s hard left philosophy and community organizer methods.  Divide the country and diminish their trust in the institutions and the Constitution.

President Obama has executed much of his agenda through this type of divisiveness with impunity.  He is also skirting the Constitution with its division of power and system of checks and balances.

He is blatantly trying to divert attention from our horrendous economy (largely due to his failed economic policies), our deteriorating national security, nagging eligibility issues, and the popular resentment against government-run health care.

What does this mean for the coming election? 

This was always the plan: a second term with a pliable Congress and Judiciary to fundamentally transform the government from a republic to a dictatorship.  We’ve been traveling down that “Road to Serfdom” faster over the past three years, though for about 70 years the federal government has steadily extended its reach and control over the individual and the states.

The federal government’s contempt for individualism and liberty hit a crescendo during the Obama administration. Freedoms of speech, association, religion, and private property rights, have all been attacked and the mechanisms put into place to destroy them and subjugate the citizens to the federal government.  Attacks of racism, sexism, and elitism are tools for fomenting discord and dividing the American people.  As the election approaches, Americans of different races, sexual orientations, and income are more disjointed than ever before.

What can we expect should the president win a second term? 

If Obamacare is not overturned, we can and should expect that we will see the death panels formed along with greater access to voluntary and non-voluntary “assisted suicide”.  We can also expect to have the federal government take more aggressive control of our choices in the marketplace.

We can expect an ever greater acceleration of affirmative action and reverse discrimination as evidence by Attorney General Holder’s own statements last week that the affirmative action has only just begun.

We can expect a direct frontal assault on religious freedom in America focused on the Christian and Jewish faiths.

We can expect the ills that go along with moral relativism including more abortion, post birth abortion, and further acceptance of pedophilia and other sexual aberrations.

We can expect a foreign policy that weakens or undermines our allies (Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Eastern Europe) while strengthening our adversaries (Syria, Iran, and mainly Russia).

We’ve seen the administration create a crippling energy policy that is restricting access to Canadian oil (and increasing the price) by impeding the Keystone pipeline effort, restricting drilling on federal lands and offshore. In the latest development, the administration is giving a chain of Alaskan islands to the Russians.  These islands are oil rich and greater in size than RI and Delaware combined.  We can expect ever higher oil prices (also hugely beneficial to Russia and other adversaries) due to this president’s agenda and we may even cede more territory.

We can expect a diminished military capability and erosion of our superpower status due to budgetary cuts, severe reductions in our nuclear arsenal, and overly restrictive rules of engagement that leave our military unable to adequately defend themselves.

We can expect further usurpation of citizen’s basic rights and of our national sovereignty due to treaties such as the law of the Sea and Agenda 21, the UN rights of the Child, and others that subjugate the Constitution. Under a recent executive order, the President has given himself the ability to completely take over the economy, internet and media in case of “national emergency.”

With numerous federal judgeships and two or three likely Supreme Court appointments, the President will be able to profoundly transform the Judiciary and promote the left wing agenda through the courts.

We can expect further consolidation of power within the executive as the Obama names more Czars that have no accountability to Congress or the people.

We need only see what has happened in these three short years to understand that America is beginning to scrape the iceberg.  If we can’t change course on November second, America may sink as quickly as Titanic did.

God Bless America
Lori Hendry
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