President Trump Needs an Administration “Sheriff”



President Trump is facing heavy bureaucratic resistance. There are bureaucrats, FBI agents, and government lawyers who have quite literally put themselves above the President of the United States and continue to ignore presidential directives, executive orders, and legitimate policy changes. Some State Department and DoJ lawyers have gone so far as actively resisting President Trump’s agenda in court. Judicial Watch and others have uploaded countless videos and transcripts showing just that.

Some bureaucrats, FBI agents, employees of the DoJ and intelligence community are using their offices to engage in partisan attacks against the president, whom they are supposed to be serving. The following is just one of countless examples:

The latest attack on President Trump is the bogus “whistleblower”, in the “intelligence community”, who told Democrats and their allies in the elite media that President Trump threatened the new President of Ukraine with revoking their military aid package, unless he investigated former VP Joe Biden and his son. The Whistleblower claims that Trump mentioned Biden’s name eight times and that there was a quid pro quo of military aid for dirt on Biden and his son’s dealings with Ukrainian organized crime.

Now we know that said “whistleblower” never actually heard the phone call between Trump and the new President of Ukraine and that he heard about it second hand. Now that the transcript of the entire call has been released to the public by Trump himself we know that it was Ukrainian President Zelensky who brought the subject of the corruption investigation up and says that he was not pressured at all. We have also learned that the Ukrainian government admitted that it interfered in the US elections.  When Ukraine tried to give the information to the FBI – they refused to take it. Mayor Giuliani comments on the depths of the corruption:

President Trump should create an additional Deputy Chief of Staff (DCoS) position. The sole job of the DCoS’s team should be to play “Sheriff” or in some cases H.R. Hatchet Man, find out who is doing the leaking and fire them. In cases where laws passed by Congress make it difficult to just fire people, this new DCoS’s team should have the authority to reassign the mole, to sit in a room for eight hours a day until the firing can get processed. In cases where said resistors have a security clearance or need an SF86 on file, DCoS should have the authority to yank those clearances, at least temporarily, until reviewed.

Lawyers in federal agencies putting partisan interests over that of the President – FIRE THEM. IRS Agents who used their position to harass Trump supporting groups – escort them out of the building flanked by armed security. The bogus Ukraine “whistleblower”, see to it that he never works in an area of public trust again. Federal agents in problem agencies should have to reapply for their jobs under strict scrutiny.

This just in at the time of this writing: Democrats have known that the bogus Ukraine whistleblower did not actually witness any of the things he claimed happened since August 12th. This means that the Democrats and their allies in the “intelligence community” lied to the press and in their talking points, by omitting this until it came out, only a few days ago.

It gets better as said “whistleblower’s” lawyer interned for both Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. Anyone surprised?

Make examples of these leakers, Mr. President. Drain the swamp!

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