President Trump was Ready for Turkey… Critics Trumped.

There was bipartisan concern and in some cases condemnation of President Trump’s sudden decision to pull our limited forces from Kurdish controlled areas of Syria.

As soon as the United States announced the withdrawal President Erdogan of Turkey, who is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, started sending forces in to kill the Kurdish people who islamic militants consider to be infidels. Turkey has been a NATO ally of the United States, but under President Erdogan Turkey has been radicalizing, becoming more in line with militant islamic ideology.

The Kurdish people have bravely supported the United States in both Iraq wars and in the fight against ISIS. To abandon them in the face of certain death at the hands of Erdogan would be dishonorable.

Democrats, as well as many Republicans said that Trump was being foolish, didn’t know what he was doing, turning our back on our allies etc.

The House of Representatives even passed a resolution with overwhelming bipartisan support condemning both Turkey’s actions and President Trump’s decision to pull out.

On the Senate side Senator Lindsey Graham (R-N.C.) vehemently opposed President Trump’s decision to pull out and got on every talk show he could find to voice his displeasure calling it “an Obama-like mistake“. Friends of mine who are realistic about President Trump and have supported him expressed great concern to me over this decision.

But Trump had a plan.

Shortly after the bipartisan criticism started President Trump said publicly that he would “destroy Turkey’s economy” if they moved against the Kurds. Notice Trump did not say he will impose sanctions, he said that he would destroy their economy. No President has ever talked like that about “an ally” before. Here is the letter President Trump sent to Erdogan. Thankfully, Trump does not mince words or kowtow to the Swamp’s distorted version of diplomatic courtesy:

Trump letter to Erdogan

The letter is classic Trump. Notice the date of October 9th. Trump was expecting Erdogan to behave treacherously.

Senator Graham, leading a bipartisan charge said that Congress would pass “sanctions from hell” against Turkey if they move against the Kurds. Trump secured full bipartisan backing to stop Turkey by nearly any means necessary.

The next thing you know on Friday morning a cease fire from Turkish forces was announced. Trump, with international enforcement including some Americans, is implementing a 22 mile wide demilitarized zone between Turkey and the Kurds.

Trump wanted an end to what he calls “endless war” and said that first both sides needed a little bit of “tough love.”

Diplomats have been trying to negotiate a deal between both sides for decades but somehow Trump got it done. Notice how Trump’s tone towards Erdogan changes in the video from the letter (good dog). Those who underestimate Donald Trump should keep this in mind.

Even Lindsey Graham has done an about face and says that he is “optimistic that it will turn out very well” with Trump’s new plan:

I wonder what Trump has in mind for the House Democrats who keep talking about “impeachment” for investigating what happened with foreign interference in 2016? So far Speaker Pelosi is unwilling to have the House vote to open an official impeachment inquiry. She is playing a game of Chicken with President Trump. After this who do you think will win?

The smart money is on Trump.

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