Florida Governor Rick Scott’s “Voting Roll Purge”

Florida Governor Rick Scott is tempting fate—and the wrath of the federal government. What is he doing? He’s simply being patriotic and challenging the Obama administration and Department of Justice’s continuing activities to facilitate voter fraud.

The federal government contends that Governor Scott’s effort at cleansing the voting rolls is discriminatory due to a disproportionate number of minority voters on the first list of suspect voter registrations.

According to Chris Cade of the Florida Dept. of Sate, the number of cases of a legal Florida citizen being removed from the state’s voter registration file is exactly ZERO

If voter all registrations are verified completely, the number of voters from a particular constituency should not matter at all.  If the dead and illegal aliens are removed from the rolls, it makes America safer from election tampering.  Protecting the integrity of voter lists should be a top priority and go on continuously.  The fact that the voter rights act appears to hinder voter verification is problematic and should cause Americans to support an immediate adjustment to that act.

The process that Florida is following compares lists of registered voters against drivers’ license records, state employee rosters and other databases to determine if foreign nationals have illegally registered to vote.  If conflicts are detected, that person will be sent a notification giving them 60 days to provide proof or be stricken from the rolls.

How bad is the problem?  The New American website estimates that Florida alone has removed 53,000 dead people from the voting rolls and, although voting statistics are maintained at the county level, that Florida has upwards of 180,000 registered voters who are illegal immigrants.  They also claim that volunteers are finding a startling quantity of aberrations in the voting rolls including a parking garage that is the residence of 30 registered voters!  The Miami Times reports that approximately 7000 felons have been removed from the voting rolls.

Voting is the life blood of our republic– A sacred responsibility of every citizen.  State and local governments have another sacred responsibility: to assure that elections are honest and reflect only the votes of real legal citizens.  To do otherwise is treasonous.

For those who would argue against this extremely fair and impartial activity, shame on you. As for Rick Scott?  Well, my friend, you are a patriot.

Lori Hendry

For additional facts about the scope of the voting roll problem and the law behind voter registration in Florida please see Lori’s post:






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