Say Hi To Dad For Me.

This is a video that I just had to share with you.

(Used by permission.)

After the loss of my brother last summer, I wrote a song about my brother, my dad, and my uncle. My brother was a veteran of the war in Iraq who was injured there and suffered terrible wounds. I lost both my dad and uncle in the Vietnam War. As my brother was being buried next
 to my dad and my uncle, the last thing I said to him was "Say Hi To 
Dad For Me".

I mentioned this song I had written to a retired Nashville music 
producer, who I met about 3 years ago. He is also a decorated combat
 veteran from the Vietnam War. The bond we share is one of being the 
son of a soldier killed in Vietnam and a veteran who fought for our

LT Bobby Ross liked the hook "Say Hi To Dad For Me" and we became
 co-writers on this song. Through his patience, teaching, and 
incredible talent, we came up with a song about the loss of loved ones 
and the plight of families who have members that serve in the armed
 forces. It is also a tribute to my brother and my dad and my uncle.

LT Bobby Ross and I have sent over 2,000 emails back and forth writing this
 song that has taken 6 months to write. LT Bobby Ross sent it back to 
Nashville upon completion to be produced by the best and it is
 now done. We are now trying to get the song cut by a country music recording artist. You can contact me at

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