A familiar conservative voice to relaunch Tuesday

October 15, 2012
Anthony Martin

At this critical time in our nation’s history as we face what is perhaps the most crucial election since the Civil War, a familiar conservative voice will relaunch on the radio on Tuesday.

Lori Hendry, popular radio talk show host, ex-beauty queen, and business owner, will bring her talents to south Florida on radio station WWPR 1490AM, which serves the heavily populated market of Tampa, Sarasota, and Bradenton.

Hendry previously garnered a large following on another radio network prior to her joining WWPR. She has been involved with the pageant industry ever since her days as a participant back in college. Currently she is a small business owner who provides jobs to 25 employees.

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Democrats Caught Sending Dishonest Mailer

In yet another example of dishonest Democrat campaign tactics, Florida Democrats are waging a blatantly dishonest mail campaign against Michael LaRosa, who is running for the Florida House District 42 seat.

For those of you who may not be aware of this race and the candidates, LaRosa is the gentleman who replaced Mike Horner in that race after Horner resigned and dropped out of the race. Horner, it should be noted, resigned almost immediately after a prostitution scandal broke, in which his name was mentioned, even though ht was not charged with any crime.

But in the mailers, one of which advocates for Democrat Eileen Game, you can see that they were printed after news of the Horner scandal broke. But as Imentioned above, Horner resigned almost immediately, so these mailers, which attack Horner using the news of the scandal, are intentionally deceptive.

I’ve included below, a statement from Republican Party of Florida Chairman, Lenny Curry, calling on the Florida Democrat Party and Eileen Game to denounce these dishonest mailers. The two mailers can be found in a single PDF document that can be downloaded here: http://rpof.org/wp-content/uploads/Dishonest-Dem-Mailer.pdf

Florida Democrats Engage in Shameful Public Misinformation Campaign

Dishonest mail pieces prove that Democrats are attacking resigned candidate Mike Horner to intentionally trick voters.

Tallahassee – Today, Lenny Curry, Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, called on the Florida Democrat Party to cease a misinformation campaign in House District 42 designed to confuse voters. Last month, the Florida Democrat Party began sending mail pieces attacking Mike Horner even after he officially withdrew as a candidate. Subsequently, Horner was officially replaced by Mike LaRosa, an Osceola County native and successful small business owner. Since the ballot was certified and printed, Horner’s name will remain on the November 6th ballot but votes for him count for the District 42 Republican nominee, Mike LaRosa.

“The only candidates that should be discussed are Mike LaRosa and Eileen Game,” said Curry. “The continued, systematic pattern of deception and trickery being engaged in by the Florida Democratic Party is nothing but gutter politics and speaks to the fact the Democratic Party must feel Eileen Game is unworthy to be elected in her own right.”