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If you think that the rich don't pay enough tax, then you need to read,
"The Rich Don't
Pay Tax!
...Or Do They?

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Recommended Reading for Patriots

To prepare for her radio show, Lori is an avid reader. Here are some of her favorite books. She calls this list "Recommended Reading for Patriots."

This list will be updated often, so bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what new books should be on your reading list.

"Fool Me Twice" by Aaron Klein & Brenda Elliot

"Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed"
by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliot

Investigative journalist Aaron Klein teams with historian and researcher Brenda J. Elliott, to expose Obama's plans, should he win a second term. These two New York Times bestselling authors have turned their renowned research skills to uncovering Obama's plans for a possible second term and the result is freightening.

While many have general concerns about Obama's second-term ambitions, "Fool Me Twice" lays bare the devastating details of a second Obama presidency. If he wins re-election in 2012, the America of equal opportunity for all, constitutionally limited government, economic freedom and personal liberty will be but a distant memory.

Mark Levin: "Ameritopia"

In "Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America" Mark Levin asks, what is this utopian force that both allures a free people and destroys them? In the end, Levin’s message is clear: The American republic is in great peril. The people must now choose between utopianism or liberty.

Mark R. Levin is a nationally syndicated talk-radio host, president of the Landmark Legal Foundation and a New York Times bestselling author.

"The Rich Don’t Pay Tax! …Or Do They?" by John Gaver

"The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?"
by John Gaver

In "The Rich Don't Pay Tax ...Or Do They?" John Gaver undertakes a critical look at official IRS personal income tax collections data, to determine who really does or does not pay US personal income tax and what portion of the tax load each income group pays. He goes on to examine how fair or unfair that outcome may be. Then, in a step-by-step manner, he shows how this disparity in our tax system has created an unintended consequence that is quietly, but very seriously undermining our economy and now presents a critical threat for rich and poor, alike.

Of course, why present a problem without a solution?

So, Gaver shows how an elegant and thoroughly vetted plan that has already been presented as a solution to other problems would also solve the problems laid out in this book, if undertaken soon.

"James Madison and the The Making of America"
by Kevin R. C. Gutzman

In James Madison and the Making of America, historian Kevin Gutzman looks beyond the way James Madison is traditionally seen -- as "The Father of the Constitution” -- to find a more complex and sometimes contradictory portrait of this influential Founding Father and the ways in which he influenced the spirit of today's United States. 

"Democracy Denied"
Phil Kerpen

Democracy Denied by Americans for Prosperity vice president Phil Kerpen is a guide to understanding and defeating the radical agenda that President Barack Obama is implementing by unilateral regulatory action through his agencies and czars.

"Saving Grace in Guantanamo Bay: A Memoir of a Citizen Warrior" by Montgomery Granger

"Saving Grace in Guantanamo Bay"
Montgomery Granger

"Hard as it is to believe, one of the most significant stories of the post-9/11 age is also one of the least known, life at Gitmo, the detention facility for many of the world's worst terrorists. Few individuals are more qualified to tell this story than Montgomery Granger, a citizen soldier, family man, dedicated educator, and Army Reserve medical officer involved in one of the most intriguing military missions of our time. Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay is about that historic experience, and it relates not only what it was like for Granger to live and work at Gitmo, but about the sacrifices made by him and his fellow Reservists serving around the world."
-- Andrew Carroll, editor of the New York Times bestsellers War Letters and Behind the Lines

"The Good, the Bad & the Difference" by Michael Sabbeth

"Conservative Insurgency"
Kurt Schlichter

Conservative Insurgency takes the form of an oral history of a successful struggle against progressive dominance from the perspective of the year 2041. It is not a novel; instead, it is a rallying cry and a battle plan for constitutional conservatives who feel outnumbered and outgunned by a liberal establishment that wants to make them extinct and Republican moderates who are more than happy to lose if it means they keep getting invitations to all the right parties.

Conservative Insurgency lays out the history of this struggle from the point of view of various participants as America inaugurates a new president and fully re-commits to the conservative vision of the Founders. The testimonies of the characters – politicians, academics, activist, soldiers and even a gender-indefinite performance artist who finds that liberalism is more constraining than conservatism ever could be – describe a multi-front, long-term political, social, and cultural war designed to seize society’s high ground in order to restore the Founders’ vision.

"The Good, the Bad & the Difference" by Michael Sabbeth

"The Good, the Bad & the Difference"
Michael Sabbeth

Creating a culture of conversation, Michael Sabbeth has written a unique work based on timeless values and eternal truths that will enrich all families. More than a how-to book on moral thinking, it invites the reader on a spiritual journey, guiding parents in teaching children to defend truth and justice, respect humility, and pursue virtue with all their mind, heart, and soul. The Good, The Bad, and the Difference is a great guide to essential conversations parents need to have with their children about being critical, independent thinkers and good people.

Sabbeth is a writer and lawyer based in Denver. He lectures on ethics, rhetoric, and moral reasoning to law associations and other groups. He has taught ethics classes to elementary schools in the Denver area for more than twenty years.

"Run To Win"
Charlie Capozzoli

This is a poignant and sensitive true story about a young athletic hero's fight to be the very best in everything. Introspective, thrilling, inspiring and moving, Capozzoli captures life as he sees it, when winning is everything. Then, in a moment of truth, he realizes that "love is the ultimate! Love is truly everything!”

"The Planner" by Alexandra Swann

"The Planner"
Alexandra Swann

This dystopian novel, set in an eerie future, reveals what could happen if we give too much control over our lives to government - if we should decide to "allow" the government to "take care of us", in exchange for life-long security. The story is about Kris Mitchell, a Level 1 Planner for a newly created federal agency that will implement the Retire America Act of 2013 and her journey of enlightenment.


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